3D2N Trip to Ng. Ukum, Batang Ai

This trip took place on the 19th to 21st of August. Andrea Pelo & Giulia Buzzetti from  Italy, is one of those nice and awesome couple you can ever meet. Even sometimes in some of our conversations, we had a small trouble understanding each other, but, it did not us from having fun and enjoying nature, culture and the people of the longhouse. 

Sago Worms

The first day of the trip, they were not so fortunate as they did not get to see the Orang Utan at Semenggoh centre. Due to wild fruits still fruiting and available in the jungle. But I tried my best to make the trip fun for them. Later that day we proceeded to Serian town, they saw sago worms, and phyton being sold at the market. Also fresh fish and vegetables.  Ulat mulong a.k.a siyet is Melanau’s favourite dish and it’s commercial name is Sago worm.One of the favorite delicacies for the locals and it is rich with protein. It was considered as an alternative to rice during the World War II in Sabah and Sarawak. Later we head to Lachau town where we had lunch. Simple chinese lunch.

Overall this trip they also get to expirience spear gun fishing at night, saw wild animals and get to learn how to cook meat and rice in the bamboo. Enjoy the pictures below. Also there is a short clip (video) of the trip.

Vid to Ukum with Andrea & Giulia from Italy from Seth Peli on Vimeo.

Short clip of a 3D2N trip to Ng. Ukom, Batang Ai with the 2 italians. It was an experience!


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3 thoughts on “3D2N Trip to Ng. Ukum, Batang Ai

  1. Hi Seth!!thank you again for this awesome trip!let me say again how much we appreciate this tour with a lot of interesting things!you behaved not only as a very prepared guide but also, and we really appreciated it, as a very good friend. Hope to see you soon in europe!

    Andrea e Giulia

  2. auahuuhahuahua we have just saw the video!! W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!
    It wasn’t so easy to summarize in 13 minutes 2 full days but you did an excellent job!I didn’t notice that you was recording all that moments with your camera so this video arrived very unexpected!!we really enjoyed seeing it!thank you again!

    Andrea & Giulia

    1. Hi Andrea & Giulia,
      Thanks for the comments. It was really wonderful to go on that trip with the two of you. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip and I really can’t wait to be in Europe. Keep in touch in Facebook. Have fun guys!

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