Chasing My Dreams

For many years of involvement in photography, I’ve always dream of having my own studio or shared with someone our own company doing photography. But the real journey begun in 2001 when I really looked into photography not just a hobby but also something which will help generate side income for me. The struggle I had back then was money. It was something very expensive to own. Not just the camera but also the film, developing the film and caring for the photo album. Making sure every shot count as we can view or know how the photo turns out till we sent it for processing in a shop.

In 2003, one of my subject in college was photography and I was so happy that it was in the course. I believe of all subjects, this was the only subject I never wanted to miss class and I really listen to every word our lecturer said. This was the year I knew about composition, exposure and so on. But it wasn’t enough. As the world grew to be more modern, the device became more and more advance. Before, I was using a SLR. Now it is DSLR, and this wasn’t a cheap hobby. Yes of course people around me that time knew I love motorcycles but deep inside, photography was what I love. 

2008, I was given an opportunity to work away from home and that was when I was also given a chance to expose my self more and more at a higher level. Knowing those days internet was not as advance as now. Wifi was pretty hard to get too. But that was the year I tried out for the Malaysian 1st photography reality show by Sony Malaysia called, Double Exposure. I was in. One and only contestant from Sarawak.

Unfortunately I did not go all the way. But still it was an experience. Met a few Malaysian top photographers. And the help me developed my own style. After years of shooting weddings, events and portraits, one thing never change was I try to keep the photo as real as possible where I don’t do photo manipulation. I try to accommodate to clients request and so on. 

Now 2017. I finally got a space. Got a new name. Got a brand. Yes. I finally have a studio of my own. It’s called rustic photography located in BDC, Kuching Sarawak. I really wanna to thank my family who has been supporting me from day 1 of this journey. And also my business partner, Wellman and his family too who has also been supporting him and making his dream come true. 

Here are some of my work and progress of my studio.

For inquiries or booking you can contact me here in this page, or directly to or our facebook page. Hope to hear from you soon.

God Bless!

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