Getting Back with The Leap Vol 7

The Leap January 2017 

1st night out in Kuching

Wow! I just don’t know where to start! 1st and foremost, this is my 1st blog entry this year and the last entry was December 2015…  Anyways, here goes…

1st impression of this group would be “crazy & friendly bunch”. 6 were from England and 1 from the USA. They all arrived on the 5th and to be honest, by the 1st night we all felt like we’ve known each other for a long time.

This time we were helping a couple who can’t afford to have a proper kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Before the project begun, I went to the kitchen, I had to bend down to walk in the kitchen, and the toilet, was “dig a hole” toilet. Anways, the group was eager to start the project, and oh boy,…. This is one hard and fast working group I’ve ever worked with. Things to be done was mixing cement, getting sand from the river bank and more…

But, yeah, I really appreciate this opportunity to be with this group, work with them, laugh with them, speaking of laughing. I’ve never laugh so much in a week compare to me laughing with Miles in 3 days…. hahahha 

As usual, I will let the photo speak for them self… Enjoy.

Before they left, I decided to leave them a lil note:


I deeply felt that “Hope” or “being someone’s hope” would suit the character of this group. Maybe because of the many differences of background and characteristics that the group has and putting it aside and try to cope with everyone in a short time.

It is easy to feel hopeful on a day or week like this, or being together with new people. Being in and doing this project had a lot of questions such as, “why this, why that” and many more. I get it, you guys wanna understand and learn. To be honest, there will be dark days ahead in life. This is when hope is needed the most, no matter how bad it gets, how alone you feel, you will hold on tho hope and also be the person your friends hope you to be. But, don’t change yourself to be someone you’re not. Keep it alive as we have to be greater than what we suffer.

This week, I have witnessed some extraordinary things happened, even tho there were major up’s and downs, misunderstanding, and personal believes which clash with others, Remember that we all come from different lifestyle and background. We learn how to give in and accept things the way they are. You guys changed the last 8 days… But… I love the way the group worked, pushing each other and encouraging each other to be stronger.

As we look back in the past at the people who helped us to be who we are now, and also, I believe, the 10 days in Mentu Village, it did gave an impact on some of you and it has made you think more about life. On the other hand, you have given a new hope and help Mr. Khamis and his wife to live a better life in a cleaner environment and a proper toilet to use. Saying goodbye at the end of the trip was not the end for them but a new beginning. We do not know when we’ll all meet here again together like this but i believe, each and everyone of you, and those whom you’ve met in the village too has engrave a marking in your memory and in theirs. Remember, we are not perfect, but making a big step in your life by flying half way round the world has make you a different person and want a change in life. If not, why did you come in the 1st place?

We’ve had a great time together, and I’m sure I’ll miss this moment and thanks for being part of this project. This is not the end, but a new beginning in our lives in helping others, because, if not us, who else will??? Good luck in whatever you choose in life!

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