My opinion on city life and life in the jungle

Nature vs city

For years i’ve taught to myself that there not much difference between these two. To me, you get almost everything in the city and not much in the jungle. Or what you get fresh in the jungle, you will be able to get there in the city too. But no! After spending 9 nights here in the jungle, in Sabah, my view of things change. Life living in the forest is considered the best for me at the moment.

City Jungle

It’s just like going back to basics stuff. Remember how when we were college students and we had very limited things with us? That’s how I felt when I arrived here. Just the basic things like clothing, shoes, tooth brush, tooth paste and soap. I felt uncomfortable at first. Mumbling to myself, what am i doing here? Why this? Why that? But after the second day, I told myself, “Seth! Try to adapt! Have you forgotten where you came from?

I never really grew up in the long house. Grew up in a small town called Sri Aman and when i was 12 our family moved to a bigger city in Penang. I clearly see the difference now, in the city money is a necessity. Out here in the wild, if you are smart, money is the last thing you need to survive. I have been living on my own for almost 13 years now, and every time when I want to eat or need something to fill my big belly, I will always worry if there is any food in the kitchen. Where else in the jungle, all you need is a machete, a lighter, and a small wok or a pot. If you don’t have a wok or a pot, a bamboo will do. Then it’s time to look for wild greens or animal. I’m sure lemon grass is almost everywhere to be found, and I’m pretty sure salt and pepper wont be hard to find and it’s cheap.

Definitely for me almost any food cooked in the bamboo taste much much more tastier then cooking in a pot. Just a few days ago, 6 tourist had dinner off jungle produce found in the very camp where I manage for about a week. There was also a friend and his wife to be, joined us for dinner. It was, or could I say, It’s been a long time since I had dinner like that! If I had the time, I would have cooked the rice in the bamboo. But we had our dishes out of a banana plant. We had banana shoot cooked in bamboo, curried banana shoot, and some short beans with eggplant. If I were int he city, that would cost me something…

The other thing that I liked about in the forest, if you are by the waterfalls, thats an A+, but if you’re not, a river would do. Being someone useful if you are in a group is a good thing. If in the near future I plan to settle down in the forest, I’d do my best to get free electricity and water for life! There are many ways to get free electricity. Don’t know how? Google it! But there is one thing which for now I’m out of date is what’s happening around the world or the outside world. If there is a war in the country, I guess I will be the last to know. Hahahaha. jungle-city-in-matte-rodleg-dk-hd-wallpaper-74414

Speaking of which, time is also another factor here. You lose track of time here in the forest. Not to say you need to know when is lunch or dinner, but sometime, when you are busy with the daily routine in the forest, you do forget what day it is. And it does not really effect you much unless you need to travel somewhere. During the day, in the forest the time moves really fast, but not in the city. For me personally, time moves really slow during the day but night, time moves really fast. Well not in the jungle. Sometimes after dinner, it feels like it’s already 10pm, but when I looked at my watch, it’s only 7:45pm.

Safety issues? I think it’s the same whether you are in the city or in the jungle. Is just that what type of dangerous thing will you encounter? Probably in the jungle you may get stung or bitten by something poisonous. But i guess in the city too you might get the same. But there are high risk things like cars with irresponsible drivers, or unstable buildings. Where else here, a tree might fall on you or drown in the river… But like I said before, that’s part of life.

Don’t complain much if you are in the jungle coz thats part of life. Imagine if there is a time machine and you could travel back to the year before Edison invented electricity. Imagine your life back at that time. And try to implement it in year 2014. I am sure you will be awesome in the city and in the jungle.

Well to conclude this simple write up, I guess everyone should open up their minds to at least experience a week in the jungle. But don’t come without any basic survival knowledge. If you don’t know what are the basics, there is this thing called the INTERNET. Use GOOGLE to search. I personally tell some friends this “you really need to graduate from the ‘University of Google and University of Youtube’, because there’s tons of information you can get”.

Remember this,

“Enjoy life to the fullest because God gave us this beautiful life to enjoy. And enjoy what He has given to us.”

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