Ng. Ukom 21st August Tragedy

Ng. Ukom, A place that I go often to bring tourist was burned down on 21st August 2015. And when I heard to news, my heart really sank! I really did notNg. Ukom Longhouse know how to react…

Around 1:15 pm, I was still on the other river over the mountain from the longhouse when we saw thick smoke, and we did asked each other who has not burned their farm yet, as this is still the burning season before they start planting rice. But, my boatman said, all have done theirs… Not long after when I was on my way to Hilton Batang Ai Resort that I got news from a good friend that to longhouse is no more standing.

The time it caught fireSince that day till 24th August, many of unknown people and friends who has seen my facebook post and whatsapp messages replied by giving their time to send in donations. And
the responds was… I can’t or don’t know how to thank them. Here are some photos of before and after the fire, memories of my previous trips over, and also our trip sending donations, helping them build a temporary shelter before they start building their longhouse.



The Sad Tragedy of Ng. Ukom from Seth Peli on Vimeo.

A short video of memories going to this longhouse, before it got burned down and till the day we send up rations for them. 🙁

Your Support is much appreciated.


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