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Rumah Asap which means Smoke House, has been known for quite a number of years. But location was in Miri, not in Kuching. Till recently, I heard rumours and then facebook post that they were opening one on this side of Sarawak. I couldn’t find the right time to go till last Friday, 4th Dec, I finally manage to bring myself there to check it out.

RADSWhile I was there, I manage to meet a few of the share partners of that place. I tried gathering as much information as I could and this is what I got:

They started 30th October 2015, and they started with a small budget. But to their surprise, they finished most of their stock round about 8pm or 9pm that they had to have someone go look for more drinks and food. It was showing a good sign. So far till today they have now 20 vendors. And on good days, they will have almost 400 customers coming in and out.

I did ask “WHY” they started this place. One of the partners, Mr. Hillary, said that: “It is hard to find a platform or a Dayak food court here in Kuching and Samarahan area. There are lots of Dayaks living at this area but we don’t see them selling. Maybe if there is, it will be 1 stall out of 40 food stalls in one food court perhaps? The other main reason is we also want to have a platform and give a chance for Dayaks to share their “Kampung” style cooking or ways of cooking from where they come from. All the vendors here are Dayaks, and selling all sorts of food. Part of this also goes to charity. Adding on, most of the vendors owners here are also professionals, meaning they used to or still are in other company like drillers, or having other businesses. ”

IMG_1576So, then I decided to go around and look see look see and tried almost all the food from each stalls. They had a few stalls selling the same thing which is BBQ Pork. But…. I highly recommend you try from all those stalls as one stall is doing BBQ the longhouse style which is using salt and pepper, where else the other stall is doing it Taiwanese BBQ style, a few more. Also available is pork cooked in bamboo called “Pansoh”. They do have chicken in bamboo too. Those who wants to try pork burger, will be able to get it there too. They even have seafood, Satay, and also fast foods.

My personal favourite happened to be BBQ eggplant with their special sambal with deep friend dried pork skin
My personal favourite happened to be BBQ eggplant with their special sambal with deep friend dried pork skin

Drinks on the other hand, they have a wide variety of drinks form hot to cold and alcoholic beverages such as beers. Not forgetting, do try the “Dragon Fruit Tuak”(rice wine).

Hands down! My personal favourite happened to be BBQ eggplant with their special sambal with deep friend dried pork skin. I swear, it was AWESOME!!!!

If you happen to have a big group coming either for lunch you can call them in advance for bookings. Details are as below:

Operating Hours: 10 am till mid night Maps
Contact: Agnes – 012-8598106
         Rogies – 013-8372762  
         Hillary – 013-3519968 
Here are some photos and please do visit them and 
support our local Dayak.

Overall, I really enjoy the food. Will make an effort to come here at least once a week to chill.


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