Short Trip to Ulu Ukum, Batang Ai

On the way to Batang Ai

Haven’t posted much as was away on trips and so on. On March 7th, my good friend, Danny, invited me to go on an adventure to this place called Ulu Ukum, in Batang Ai and he said it will be a driving and a boat ride trip which I decided last minute to join. We started our journey from Kuching in the morning, which I can’t remember what time. And as usual, I will be driving alone and no one to help me take photos, ended up with more “Selfies”. :p

As we reached Batang Ai Dam, we parked our car we all the tourist vans were. And also I learned that the jetty is also the way used to go to Hilton Batang Ai. Then the boat ride, it was fun, burning under the hot sun, but, that’s what we call adventure right? anyways, I won’t write much but share more pics.

p/s: most photos were taken using my phone. there were no photos taken with my DSLR as all the files were corrupted.



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