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R.A.D.S – Rumah Asap Dayak Samarahan

Rumah Asap which means Smoke House, has been known for quite a number of years. But location was in Miri, not in Kuching. Till recently, I heard rumours and then facebook post that they were opening one on this side of Sarawak. I couldn’t find the right time to go till last Friday, 4th Dec, I finally manage to bring myself there to check it out.

RADSWhile I was there, I manage to meet a few of the share partners of that place. I tried gathering as much information as I could and this is what I got:

They started 30th October 2015, and they started with a small budget. But to their surprise, they finished most of their stock round about 8pm or 9pm that they had to have someone go look for more drinks and food. It was showing a good sign. So far till today they have now 20 vendors. And on good days, they will have almost 400 customers coming in and out. Continue reading “R.A.D.S – Rumah Asap Dayak Samarahan” »

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