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Expedition with “The Leap” volunteers

All started the day I met them the 1st day they arrived Kuching. Coming half way around the world really impressed me when i found out their age. They were between 18 to 25. 3 from England and the other 3 was Dutch. The project was to help build a proper kitchen and toilet for a mentally disabled guy ( slow development of brian), who happened to be an orphan too. He stop schooling at a very young age as he had to take care of his sick family. The 1st time I entered his home, I was crying in my heart. Was wondering to my self how could someone live in this place. The whole hose actually shake when I was walking in it. The toilet and bathroom was in the same room where the old kitchen was. No door, and rotten planks, which was not stable and safe. Eventually this project became personal to me.

Anyways, this group that came, was a fun and interesting group. Young people full of energy and different characters. There was Noelle, Floor and Dylan from Holland. And Emily, Cora and Rachel from England. This project took us 6 days to complete.

The first¬†was the day we started clearing the back of the house which was full of wild plants, rubbish and more hidden treasure underground such as old shoes, shirts, and other things like scorpions, centipedes, spiders and many more. But the group fought their fears and continued clearing. By the end of the day, it was one flat land. And it rained too… So it was not too hot but we all got wet working under the rain.¬† Continue reading “Expedition with “The Leap” volunteers” »

The Iban People

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The Ibans are a branch of the Dayak peoples of Borneo. They were formerly known during the colonial period by the British as Sea Dayaks. Ibans were renowned for practising headhunting and tribal/territorial expansion. A long time ago, being a very strong and successful warring tribe, the Ibans were a very feared tribe in Borneo. They speak the Iban Language.

Today, the days of headhunting and piracy are long gone and in has come the modern era of globalization and technology for the Ibans. The Iban population is concentrated in Sarawak, Brunei, in the West Kalimantan region of Indonesia. They live inlonghouses called rumah panjai or rumah panjang Most of the Iban longhouses are equipped with modern facilities such as electricity and water supply and other facilities such as (tar sealed) roads, telephone lines and the internet. Younger Ibans are mostly found in urban areas and visit their hometowns during the holidays. The Ibans today are becoming increasingly urbanised while (surprisingly) retaining most of their traditional heritage and culture. Continue reading “The Iban People” »

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