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Short Getaway to Kota Kinabalu

So, After the Bario trip, James and I went to KK for 2 days. Rather short. Holiday for him, supposed business trip for me but the guy did not show up. Looking on the positive side of it, we went sight seeing instead. Which was fun. So after Bario we took a flight from Miri to KK, and I somehow knew that the last Leap group was still around, probably their last night in Borneo. And I was right. 

Anyways, James and I stayed at this nice hostel called Sensi Backpackers. Located in the middle of almost everywhere. Strategic place, clean and comfortable. We paid something like RM80 per night and got a room for 4 pax. As soon as we checked in, I went straight to the leapers room and surprise them. Later we went to this nyonya place called Sri Melaka Restaurant I think. Food was good, cheap, and to be honest, worth it!  Continue reading “Short Getaway to Kota Kinabalu” »

A week in Lupa Masa, Poring, Sabah

Taxi use to go to Ranau and Poring

Couple of weeks ago I met a guy called Tom, in Kuching, happened to be my friends business partner. Told me he had a place in Sabah somewhere near Poring hot spring called LuPa Masa and if I was interested to help him out for a week there. And I said yes. And the only word that came trough my mind was, “buli bah kalau ko”. A word most Sabahans will use if they agree to something. Which means, “sure, i’ll do it if its for you”.

Left Kuching on the first flight out via Air Asia to Kota Kinabalu, on the 6th February. Then took a shared taxi from Kota Kinabalu for RM20
to┬áRanau. 2 hours 35 minutes later, took another taxi to Poring for RM40. But on the way, we stopped at Kundasang to drop some passengers off. The air there was dry and cold. Reminded me of when I was in the US. Continue reading “A week in Lupa Masa, Poring, Sabah” »

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