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Trip to Ukum with Cesar Cruchaga & Wife

This post is a lil late as I didn’t really know what and how to write this post, because it was special to me. It all happened on 22nd July  2014. I receive an assignment a week before that date to bring a couple to Nanga Ukom in Batang Ai. I agreed. But I did not know who I was bringing. As usual, I tend to be more of a friend instead of being a guide to tourist. I want them to feel happy and not just going on tour but enjoying their time with the locals.

So on that 22nd morning, right after we came out of the orang utan centre in Semenggoh, we started having conversation and we started talking about jobs and what we love to do. Ended up in me asking this guy, Cesar Cruchaga, what he works as. And his answer was simple. He just said “I’m retired”. But I was so surprise and a lot of questions going in my head. He didn’t look like a guy who is retired, unless he had an early retirement form the army. But, I still wanted to know and took the courage to ask him what he used to do. And he said:” I’m a retired professional football player. And I used to play for Atletico Osasuna in the Spanish League.” And I went into shock… Continue reading “Trip to Ukum with Cesar Cruchaga & Wife” »

3D2N Trip to Ng. Ukum, Batang Ai

This trip took place on the 19th to 21st of August. Andrea Pelo & Giulia Buzzetti from  Italy, is one of those nice and awesome couple you can ever meet. Even sometimes in some of our conversations, we had a small trouble understanding each other, but, it did not us from having fun and enjoying nature, culture and the people of the longhouse.  Continue reading “3D2N Trip to Ng. Ukum, Batang Ai” »

A 2D1N With the Awesome American Couple

Mark & Chelsea, are one of those rare and awesome people I’ve met so far. On a nice budget trip they decided to go for the 2 days 1 night trip to the Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse with a few swims in the the river and waterfall. During this trip, they manage to see a, maybe 4 ft long or slightly more, snake crossing the road, eat rice cooked in pitcher plant, chicken cooked in bamboo, wild vegetables from the jungle of Borneo and more rice wine! which I personally think is Mark’s fave drink. Hahahahah. They also had the privilege to meet one of the traditional music player and maker there and witness him play 2 songs. But here are more photo’s and video of bits and pieces of the trip. Enjoy!

Continue reading “A 2D1N With the Awesome American Couple” »

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