Trip to Ukum with Cesar Cruchaga & Wife

This post is a lil late as I didn’t really know what and how to write this post, because it was special to me. It all happened on 22nd July  2014. I receive an assignment a week before that date to bring a couple to Nanga Ukom in Batang Ai. I agreed. But I did not know who I was bringing. As usual, I tend to be more of a friend instead of being a guide to tourist. I want them to feel happy and not just going on tour but enjoying their time with the locals.

So on that 22nd morning, right after we came out of the orang utan centre in Semenggoh, we started having conversation and we started talking about jobs and what we love to do. Ended up in me asking this guy, Cesar Cruchaga, what he works as. And his answer was simple. He just said “I’m retired”. But I was so surprise and a lot of questions going in my head. He didn’t look like a guy who is retired, unless he had an early retirement form the army. But, I still wanted to know and took the courage to ask him what he used to do. And he said:” I’m a retired professional football player. And I used to play for Atletico Osasuna in the Spanish League.” And I went into shock…

I was like, What the??? How?? Who?? What??? OMG!!!! It was really a great honour to bring him and his wife on a trip. As soon as we stoped in Serian town, I posted a post on facebook saying that there is a retired football player in my car. No one believed me. Then I googled him, there it was. On wiki, this is what it wrote.

César Cruchaga Lasa is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a central defender.
He played his entire professional career for Atletico Osasuna, appearing in nearly 450 official games for the club and reaching one Copa del Rey final with it.

César Cruchaga
César Cruchaga

I really hoped they had a great time in the longhouse and the boat ride. Hoped they loved the local food and times spent here in Borneo.

Here are some of the photos. Enjoy!

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